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DevOps Driven


DevOps Driving

In this online video series DevOps Driving, host Scott Moore interviews thought leaders in the DevOps space to discuss the latest trends and best practices. The series is targeted at a wide range of audiences, including software developers, testers, automation engineers, SDET’s, SREs, IT operations staff, DevOps practitioners, and business leaders.


Latest Episodes

Should AI Help With Test Creation in DevOps?

Should AI Help With Test Creation in DevOps?

AI Test Creation – is it possible? AI has the potential to impact the software development lifecycle and testing process, but it requires proper gates and best practices to ensure it is used efficiently and validated.

Easier Mobile Testing For DevOps

Easier Mobile Testing For DevOps

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in enterprise application usage, and building a collaborative environment for testing and integrating with various virtual and physical devices is crucial for successful mobile app development.

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