Can Testing Keep Up? Modern IT requires continuous development of software. This means continuous development, testing, and releases into production. How can Quality Assurance move from testing at the end of a cycle or sprint towards “built-in” quality?

In order to successfully implement DevOps and maintain a rapid pace of software delivery, quality assurance and testing need to shift from a reactive to a built-in quality mindset, with a focus on collaboration, training automation engineers to think like testers, and understanding the value and impact of test automation.

Scott Moore interviews Lee Barnes of Forte Group about things companies can do to be successful keeping pace within a DevOps culture, and what metrics to look at to prove their value. To find out how to get in touch with Lee Barnes and see his workshop on Performance Testing in Devops, go to

Insights On Testing Keeping Up

πŸš€ The transition from waterfall to Agile and then to DevOps culture has highlighted the importance of incorporating quality and testing in software delivery without neglecting them.
😴 Many automation engineers lack a deep understanding of testing and the value it brings, resulting in automated test suites that have little value and require a lot of maintenance.
πŸ’­ Test automation should be measured by its impact on customers, such as frequency of release and defect containment, rather than simply the number of tests automated.
πŸ€” Metrics like coverage and number of test cases may not provide meaningful insights, and it’s important to focus on mapping tests to areas of risk in the application to truly assess the reduction of deployment risks.
πŸ”„ The promise of automation tools in DevOps can be misleading, as simply pressing play or integrating them into the CI pipeline doesn’t solve the underlying problems.
πŸ’‘ By involving automation engineers, QA analysts, and developers in the initial stages, organizations can eliminate bottlenecks and have more effective discussions about test and automation strategies.
🏒 DevOps is a culture, not just tools or processes, and it requires achieving that culture to reap its promised benefits.

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