Continuous testing at massive scale is possible, and essential for ensuring software and applications work for customers and frontline employees in a DevOps environment.

It requires breaking down the software development and testing process into smaller teams, which takes time and effort but can make a big impact over time.

Key Insights Into Continuous Testing At Scale

πŸ’» Running 900,000 instances of a test Suite in a year for a company with over 10 million customers processing $400 billion worth of Investments is a massive accomplishment.

🌍 The shared responsibility of ensuring that applications and services work for customers and employees is a key aspect of DevOps and continuous testing.

πŸ” The focus on QA engineering within a devops mindset has led to significant improvements in the retirement division’s portfolio of applications and services.

πŸ”„ Continuous testing with 25,000 business context aware scripts helps prevent bad things from going to production.

πŸ” Continuous testing at scale is crucial for ensuring the reliability and functionality of core applications and capabilities.

Even in large companies, you can break down the software development process into smaller teams delivering focused pieces to the bigger project. You can run parallel testing and constant testing in even the largest organizations. It does take time, and a lot of effort.

Check out this episode on whether AI should be used to create automation test cases.

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