Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in enterprise application usage, and building a collaborative environment for mobile testing and integrating with various virtual and physical devices is crucial for successful mobile app development.

Key insights

πŸ“± Mobile devices are expected to hit about 66% of all.
πŸ’Ό Mobile devices are becoming more powerful, capable, and accessible, leading to a rise in Enterprise application usage.
πŸ”„ Building a collaborative environment where application developers work closely with the automated testing group can enhance the effectiveness of testing on mobile devices in a continuous pipeline.
🌐 The integration with various virtual and physical devices, including browser stack, sauce labs, and tricentis real device, provides a comprehensive testing environment for mobile apps.
πŸ“Š Testim Mobile allows integration with various continuous integration tools, making it versatile for different development environments.
πŸ“Š The reports view in Testim Mobile provides insight into test health and productivity.
πŸš€ Having the right tools to enable your team to build awesome software faster and more frequently is crucial for success in DevOps.

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