Welcome to the new show, Devops Driving!

Many of you already know me as the host of The Performance Tour – the show all about performance testing and performance engineering in IT. On that show, I am generally traveling around the US in the “PerfMobile” talking to industry leaders and companies who are focused on performant systems and software. I have been doing this for three years now.

Devops Driving Origins

I was recently approached by one of my main sponsors of the program, Tricentis, about having an additional series around DevOps as it relates to building and delivering great software in today’s modern IT. I’ve already covered several topics about performance engineering and its role within DevOps. I’ve covered Continuous Performance and the role of Performance Engineering in a DevOps culture, along side many other interviews.

Tricentis wanted to broaden the topics to include what’s happening overall in the world of DevOps. It’s a big, changing world in IT and many companies struggle to adapt. What about a show that searches out for those people who are experiencing measurable success with DevOps and shares this with the community as a whole? I thought it was a great idea. “DevOps Driving” is the result of this collaboration with Tricentis.

Who Is DevOps Driving For?

The target audience for DevOps Driving is anyone interested in learning more about DevOps, including:

  • Software developers
  • Testers
  • Automation engineers
  • Site reliability engineers (SREs)
  • IT operations staff
  • DevOps practitioners
  • Business leaders

This new online video series is where we can discuss the continuous and evolving nature of software development. I want to connect with thought leaders who want to share their insights with you to help you avoid some of the pitfalls they faced. I want to emphasize the importance of collaboration between developers and testers in implementing DevOps practices.

What’s Next? DevOps…and Driving.

The first episode has just been released. Expect more in the near future, as well as “On The Road” adventures as I hit the trail in search for answers, showcasing some of the products that Tricentis offers in that area. That means a whole lot of travel for me over the next year. I’m already preparing and gearing up for the trip, and looking forward to it. I am looking for people to talk to and people who want to show off their wins in DevOps. Are you a DevOps driven company? Tell me about it. You can reach out to me several ways. Here’s a link to my contact information: